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Kory is an Accredited Home Staging Professional (status conferred by and Owner of LOOKS TO SELL, LLC. Kory became an Accredited Home Staging Professional to give her an additional tool in providing services to her clients in preparing their homes for sale and to enable her clients to get the most money in the least amount of time on the market.  For more detailed information on home staging and Looks To Sell, LLC. click HERE.

Kory works with other REALTORS, stagers and team members and continues to nurture her home staging business as well as meet the needs of her real estate clients.  

"Just like a product on the shelf at the store, the purchaser of today buys the best available product, at the best price, in the best wrapper, to meet his/her needs."  Barb Schwarz

LOOKS TO SELL is a full service company.  LOOKS TO SELL can provide (1) as little as a consultation that provides a detailed list of recommendations to be done to your home to (2) as much as fully furnishing a home or vacant home and managing the property until it's sold.  For some statistics on how effective staging was for homes Kory staged, click HERE.  For some statistics on how effective staging is from, click HERE

"The investment of Staging is less than your first price reduction." Barb Schwarz
 To view the services Kory and Looks to Sell offer click HERE and to see dramatic Before and After pictures, click HERE